Fans, festivals, venue owners and studios are all using Airstage to find fresh acts. Why not show em' what you got? Now is the best time to take advantage of the digital age and expand your career opportunities! Dare to live your dreams!


You can share the QR code on social media or put it on your merchandise. You can print it on a poster and place it on a visible spot during a performance. The QR code is here to make it easier for you to onboard fans and earn points!


People can locate your gigs wherever they are, even if you're jamming on the street! Simply share your gig and specify where and when you'll be.



Integrate your social media presence. Perform anytime, anywhere, and be discovered!


Your profile on Airstage is your business card for the music industry. Keep it up-to-date and stand out among the competition.



Nowadays, people rarely carry around any cash. Airstage allows your fans and the business to support and book you via credit card or Paypal account payments. Make sure you fill in your details. Earn additionally!  Check ot the video for more: 




Airstage is not for buskers only.  It is for newly-emerging artists and DJs willing to take their career to the next stage and deal with all the aspects of management quickly and effortlessly.



Airstage is a mobile self management tool for artists. It makes the lives of musicians/DJs easier - tipping, booking and following by fans are now a few taps away.It is an excellent tool geolocating fresh music from newly-emerged artists and find out where the next performances in town.

Airstage will be available for Android first. But stay tuned for the iOS version..

The first cities Airstage will cover are Berlin, London and Stockholm - three of Europe’s finest music capitals. Local acts can be seen all over them.


Airstage will be 100% free to install.
The Premium option - Airstage Pro - will be paid, and It will provide info about the best gig venues. Musicians will receive promo codes for different equipment discounts, get noticed more easily by venue owners and producers. They will also benefit from enhanced analytics of their performances and fans.


Each musician will have a personalized QR code and link. All it takes is for the fans to scan it. The QR code triggers a download of the Airstage app and an automatic follow of the artists.