Take your music career in your hands!



Get Discovered

Get Discovered

Fans, festivals, venue owners and studios are all using Airstage to find fresh acts. Why not show em' what you got? Now is the best time to take advantage of the digital age and expand your career opportunities! Dare to live your dreams!

Perform live and get booked

Earn Money

Earn by performing live and getting booked! What's more - fans can support you anytime, too! So, let your talent speak for itself, and do the right move - come to Airstage!

Connect to local bands

Stay Connected

Get feedback from fans, get in touch with fellow musicians, and stay posted with the latest events in your community.


Put yourself on the map

Put yourself on the map

People can locate your gigs wherever they are, even if you're jamming on the street! Simply share your gig and specify where and when you'll be.

Get paid cashlessly

Get booked, get tipped, get hired and earn money

Forget about cash! Nowadays, people rarely carry around any of it. Airstage allows your fans and the business to support and book you via credit card or paypal account payments.

Integrate your social media

Share your upcoming live performances

Perform anytime, anywhere, and be discovered! Integrate easily your social media presence - spread the word about your next gig by simply sharing it.

Use your QR Code

Your fans will be able to find and support you easier

Why not? QR codes are cool! Make it easy for fans to follow and support you! Just let them scan your personalised QR code and voila!


"Hit the road Jack" How? It's easy!

Step 1: download Airstage and upload your music

Download the app and sign up.

Create a profile as a musician, band or dj

Update your artist profile and provide payment information to allow incoming transactions.

Enjoy the app

Use the app on the go - anytime, anywhere!

Free photoshoots and much more... Rewards

Enjoy free studio recording sessions, discounts on gear hire, free photoshoots and much more. The more fans and gigs you have, the better rewards Airstage will provide. As simple as that!

Advanced insights… Dashboard

Enjoy advanced insights on your followers, trending content, check ins, bookings and earnings. Find out what fans think about you and track your progress.

Played a gig? Secure Transactions

Played a gig? Got supported by a fan? No probs! Take advantage of the transparency Airstage provides when it comes to transferring money to your account.

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